Yes. This blog is about the Bible, sort of.

To be clear, some of this blog is about some parts of the Bible.

I want to be honest about what you’re getting into.

I’m not going to use the Bible to beat you into submission.  I’m not going to use the Bible to tell you how wrong I think you may or may not be about something.  I’m not going to use the Bible as a political platform, a judge’s chair or to promote a personal agenda.

Because that’s not what the Bible is about.

In my humble opinion (or as humble an opinion as a blogger can possibly have), the Bible is a love story.  It’s the best love story I’ve ever read.  It’s about a God who loves me enough to give me the choice to walk away from Him but still chases me down with everything He can, including Himself.  He’s the God that looks back at the same time that I look back.  He’s the God that somehow finds me when I’ve run away to a distant place just to get away from Him.  He’s the God that runs to meet me, even if it’s undignified and improper.

It’s a perfect love story.  All perfect love stories are about being imperfect and still being part of something bigger and more beautiful that looks past those imperfections.  On our own, we let those imperfections sometimes limit us, sometimes define us, and sometimes even try to destroy us.  While we often get in our own way, there are people that don’t see us like we see ourselves.  Moms and Dads, girlfriends and boyfriends, fiancées, friends and lovers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters all manage to love us through those imperfections.  In their eyes, and in His, we are limitless and definition-less.  We are as close to perfect as we’ll ever be.

So this blog is about that love story in my own life.  It’s about the journey I’m on.  There will be stories about church and stories about food.  There will be stories about my kids and about prophets.  There will be stories about Psalms and fish tanks, vacations and parables.  There’s going to be some Bible in here and some Oscar Wilde.  Some Huffington Post and some Shakespeare.  Some St. Augustine, Neal Stephenson, Stephen King, Stephen Hawking and some dude I talked to at the diner yesterday.  His name was Ray.

Because I see Him in lots of things and lots of places and lots of people, even in people who think He’s not real and not there.

After all of that, I hope it’s not a categorical deal-breaker for you.

So yes.  This blog is about the Bible, sort of.