What is Today?

Today is Wednesday.

The sun came up and it went down. The wind blew. It rained in Rockland county, New York. People went to work and they came home. There was traffic.

The streetlights flicked off as the breath that is today began and they flicked back on as that breath went out. Today, the birds sang and squirrels did the erratic halfdash across the road and back to safety. The day came and went.

Because today is Wednesday.

All in all, life is really not that different today than it was yesterday. Some awoke with smiles and some with disappointment and it is still Wednesday for all of them. Some of those smiles had to do with things other than an election and some of that disappointment did, too. Because smiles and disappointment are daily occurrences for all of us.

Today is Wednesday.

The sky is not falling and a golden age has not begun. It’s not the first day of the apocalypse, nor is it the first day of some bright and perfect future. It’s just Wednesday. It’s another hump day.

There are still people looking for jobs. There are still people living in poverty. There is still injustice and brokenness in the world. And it’s probably not very far away from you. There’s still apathy and depression. There’s still loneliness.

There are still hungry people throughout the world. There are still those who will sleep on concrete stairs and beneath bridges tonight. They will still be cold. There is still sickness and there are still far too many imprisoned in addiction, in dysfunction, in abuse and in actual prisons.

After all, today is just Wednesday and it will soon be over. As this day draws to a close, these are the questions I ask myself and invite you to do the same.


Did I make a difference today?

Did my words bring healing? Did they seek peace?

Did I build something today? Did I grow?

Did I teach my kids anything today? Did I show them goodness?

Did I love today? On this Wednesday, did I make the most of my moments?


Today is Wednesday and it’s almost over. And tomorrow is Thursday.




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