Walk Before Me

“As for you, if you walk before me faithfully with integrity of heart and uprightness, as David your father did, and do all I command and observe my decrees and laws…”

(1 Kings 9:4)


So it’s my dad’s birthday today. He turns 70. That’s seven decades of life on this planet and his only regret may be that he hasn’t yet been to Australia. Why does he want to go to Australia? Because there are more species of animal that can kill you there than anywhere else on earth. Except maybe the bottom of the ocean, but that’s harder to get to.

There are a few things I’d like to share with you about my dad this evening.

He’s a hero of mine. He’s a good man with a big heart. He’s no slouch and he sticks up for what he thinks is right. He’s always cared about other people and put them first.

He’s taught me more than I could tell you, but some of the highlights are:

  • “Pray about it.”
  • “Be yourself.”
  • “Tell the truth.”
  • “Do what you’re good at.”
  • “Walk away.”
  • “Never stop learning.”
  • “Set the hook before you reel in.”

He taught me to put the worm on my own hook, how to build a fire, to work hard until the job is done, and to nap in your favorite chair. He showed me how to seek God, to trust scripture, to dig deeper, and to have a bigger faith. We fished together, hunted together, hiked together and set up tents in a downpour together.

He said to breathe before you pull the trigger, to hold the bowstring fully back before letting the arrow fly, to always look down the barrel and focus on what you’re shooting at.

He is a praying father. He is a preaching father. He is a faithful father and he is a holy father… not THE holy father, just A holy father. He has shown me how to walk faithfully and I have done the very best that I can to do so.

We had this stupid little joke that’s gone on through most of my life. He’d say “Hey, it’s my favorite son.” And I’d say “Dad, I’m your only son.”

It’s my turn now. “Hey… Happy birthday, favorite Dad.”

Thanks for everything, dad. I hope it’s been a fantastic day. And keep on walking. I’m still learning.



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