This Is My Bride

Eleven years ago, I married this beautiful woman.

I remember standing on the stage when she walked into the door of the chapel. All the air in my lungs came rushing out of my chest because it wanted to see her, too. It wouldn’t go back in, I think some of it still hasn’t.

I remember being completely flooded with emotions, some of them in direct conflict with each other.

Thoughts like “I get to spend the rest of my life with this incredible woman.”

Followed immediately by “The rest of your life is a long time. Especially for her.”

This is my bride.

This is the woman that God led me across the country to. This is the woman that teaches me what love is. This is the woman that God helps to endure me. She is my best friend and my biggest fan and so much more.

She is my partner, my confidant and my anchor. She is also my voice of reason, my better half and my favorite chaperone.

She’s a wonderful wife, “the best mom in the whole world” according to two very trustworthy sources.

This is my bride.

We’ve been “Team Stoker” for 11 years. We have been touched by so many lives. We’ve shared so many things. We’ve worked together in ministry and we’ve supported each other in our own ministries. We have had a full, and fulfilling, 11 years together.

And there’s so much more ahead of us.

This is my bride. I love you, Kristie.





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