Mommy’s Coming Home…

“I’m glad mommy’s coming home, too.”

“I’m sure the Fire Department is glad, too.”

“Yes… they’ll leave soon.”

“No. The firemen won’t be spending the night.”

“Yes, I remember the last time they were here…Yesterday.”

“Yes, we’re going out for dinner.”

“No, the firemen aren’t coming with us.”

“And we’re going to tell mommy that we ate all the queenoah she made.”

“Yes, I’m sure it’s pronounced quee-no-ah. Keen-wa doesn’t sound right at all.”

“Remember, we ate all of it… and it was delicious.”

“My favorite part was the garbanzo beans.”

“No. He’s a muppet. Those are beans.”

“Help me take the trash out. I’ll get the bags, you get the pizza boxes. And those other pizza boxes. And that pizza box, too.

“Is there still pizza in there? Sweet, let’s put that in the freezer.”

“No, we’re going to leave the lights off… we don’t need the Fire Department coming back. And it helps the house look clean.”

“No, we’re not ‘throwing away’ the dirty dishes… we’re donating them.”

“Daddy did not make you watch sports ALL the time. You slept at night.”

“I know, buddy, I’m sorry about the nightmares. Next time, we won’t do devotions from 2 Kings.”

“No, we’re not going to try and vacuum up the milkshake again… even though the firemen were nice.”

“We did not sleep outside because of ‘the fire’. It’s pre-spring camping.”

“You did NOT wear the same clothes every day. You did NOT wear the same clothes every day. You did NOT wear the same clothes every day. No, I’m not trying to use the force on you. Is it working?”

“Ok, she’s almost home…does everybody remember all the things we’re going to tell mommy?”

“We loved the salad and ate all of it… even the tuna.”

“We went to school every day. And we did our homework.”

“Of course we took baths.”

“We missed you!”

“We love you!”

“We’re glad you’re home.”

“Hey… is that smoke? What’s that smell? What’s that noise?”

“Ummm… guys, grab your coats and shoes, we need to go outside for a few minutes and we’re going to have some visitors…. Again…”



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