It’s Been A While

What can I say? Work is work. It’s more than an 8-hour day. Some days I don’t stop working. I manage to cram some other life/stuff things in between work things. There are expectations. I have expectations. They have expectations. There are projects and there are ideas waiting to become projects and then there are whispers waiting to become ideas waiting to become projects. So, it’s been a while. The blog got some attention and turned an eye here and there and there are a lot of opportunities out there. Opportunities to


I’m glad we’re on the same page. I have to be here for this and be over there for that. There are opportunities to be involved in lots of different things. Opportunities to be a part of big ideas and big change and big stuff. I love to be involved in these faithfulness opportunities. It’s a good kind of busy and I love to

Be still

When I can, sure. I take some time here and there and I fit in a Sabbath moment when I can. But sometimes you’ve just got to be creative, right?   For instance, I’ve found some interesting times for devotions. I started taking the long way to work and not turning on the radio. I spend some time on the couch in the quiet instead of reaching for the remote. When I have to, I can

Be still and

And… there’s more. There’s always more. And is such a great big word. The project list is getting longer and longer (which really is fun). My to-do list at work isn’t so small anymore. Three meetings tomorrow and I’ve got projects on the board well into 2015. My Honey-Do list is epically comparable to Psalm 119 and Anna Karenina. And is one thing I’m really, really good at.

Be still and know

Half the battle, right? Know this, know that. Read this, read that. Catch up on the latest trendy book. Know something about the latest “in” small group resource or Bible study. Know, know, know. There’s always more to learn. Always smarter today than yesterday and the only way to get there is to know, know, know.

Be still and know that

that…yes?…That what? I’ve got some videos to watch so I can’t sit here and wait for this thought to finish itself. I’ve got to help out a little bit here and there, that’s all. It’s not a big deal that we’ve been through a lot together and I know you’ll read the next post even if it’s a little bit… lazy. It’s not lazy, it’s… it’s just that it’s limited. That’s it. Because everybody gets tired sometimes and you’ll stick with me when that happens. Right?

Be still and know that I

I can’t believe I forgot to get the oil changed. I just love it when the Holy Spirit reminds me of the important stuff. You know what I mean. It’s hard. We’ve all got a lot of things going. Lots of balls in the air. Jobs, then there’s the family and being a good spouse and father, the guys that need me and that I need, a small group to think about, the dinner party next week. I have so much to do right now. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.

Be still and know that I am

WAAAAYYY behind on my bills. This pile fell behind the couch last week and I just found it. Again, THANK YOU, HOLY SPIRIT for the remote falling behind the side table and for me finding the bills at just the perfect time. There’s that one really big bill and I am going to end up in deep water if I don’t get these taken care of. Boy, I am relieved I just found those.

Ack! I am also behind on making dinner. Let’s set the Bible on the table and the bills on the Bible. Preheat the oven, did I get the chicken out of the freezer? No! Ugh. Peanut Butter and Jelly it is. I am out of jelly… I have children, I can’t be out of jelly.

How long will it take to get a pizza delivered?

Kids loved the pizza. I am a genius for that one.   A good meal makes bathtime easier. They’re down now and…and… where was I?

I have no idea. Today really snuck up on me and here it’s just about over already. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of tired. The old eyes are dimming out. I’ll just turn on the TV and pay some bills… zzz… zzz…


 Be still and know that I am God.


I forget that every day, Lord. I lose it completely on a regular basis. I know the words but I don’t live the words. I don’t know the words like you want me to know them. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I can’t get it right.

You’re doing it again. Let’s start over.

Be still…

You’re right. Let’s start over.



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