In that moment – An Advent Blessing

The following is the first in a series of four Advent Blessings that I wrote for our weekly chapel services this advent season.  I wanted to share these with you, as well.

It was just a moment. Like so many others, but at the same time so unlike every other. In this moment, eternity kissed the earth. Heaven brushed against the footrest of God and in the helpless form of a tiny baby came the help of all mankind.

In that moment, silent and holy, an exhausted mother gazed into the eyes of a long-awaited babe and God Himself gazed into creation with the same pride and hope.

In that moment, calm and bright, the silence of that night was interrupted by the cries of a newborn and the silence of 4 centuries was broken by a heartbeat given for humanity.

It was a moment that brought the prince of peace and that terrified shepherds. It was a moment of quietness in the stable and a celestial choir singing in a field. It was a moment of different things for different people, yet the same gift of salvation for all.

In one moment, the gift of life opened little eyes and saw for the very first time all that the Creator had made.   In one moment, love itself laughed in that way that only babies can laugh. I can’t help but think that in one moment, eternity and creation were once again in perfect harmony, if only for just that one moment.

May you cherish those moments when earth and eternity come together. May you sense and see the ways that God continues to touch our lives and our world today. May you be filled with His presence, silent and holy, proud and hopeful. And may the gift of life open our eyes this morning; leading us, healing us, helping us toward wholeness and harmony with our Heavenly Father.




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