Going on from there

Going on from there.

It was the title I gave to my second book.  Don’t look for it, it was never published.  The first book hasn’t been published either, but maybe someday it will.  Maybe they both will.

You may recognize it from the first few books of the New Testament.  It’s a frequent phrase along Jesus’ journey through Galilee.  That’s where I was introduced to the phrase and that’s where a lot of the meaning comes from.  It’s a phrase that resonates with me.  Those four words say a lot.

1) Something just happened here and it’s worth mentioning.

2) But there’s more to see and to do and now it’s time to go on.

3) It’s important to talk about getting there, even if it’s only four words.

4) PS.  We didn’t teleport.

The journey is the thing that connects all the really great moments in our life together.  It’s a map and it’s a glue and it’s the time we take to learn our lessons and listen to advice.  The moments are the things that inspire us to grow and change but the journey is when the change actually happens.

So it’s an apt title for this blog because it’s an apt title for my journey.