Daily – January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016

“There is within me a me which is both greater than me and at the same time authentically myself. One way of approaching this mysterious fact would be by what is called the paradox of grace. The more God gives me his grace (i.e. himself), the more I am myself. The more I discover within me the greater than me the more I discover that that greater than me is authentically me.”   (H.A. Williams, Tensions)

To carry this one thought further, please consider that the me that the author speaks of is not the central figure in the equation. It is only through God, and in ever-increasing amounts, that I, or you, that any of us can enter into our truest and best selves.

Lest we falsely begin to think that the truest and best self is an end point, the only way that we (a group of I) can be the truest and best community (body of Christ) that we can be is also through increasing amounts of God’s grace, first within each of us and then within all of us together.