Daily – January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

Unity in the Spirit comes only through surrender. It cannot occur through control, through force, through demand or through violence, but only through release.

I must release my death-grip on my views, on my ‘right-ness’ of them and on any exclusivity that I take ownership of, for I am smaller than the Spirit.

I must release my desires for uniformity, for the conformed perspective that matches my own and for my need to be surrounded by only those who agree with me. Voices that only consent and confirm will never challenge or bring change.

I must release my definitions, for God is so many things and all of them well, and He is so consistently the great un-definer. How many faithful men and women in history have been so certain of His purpose and so committed to their path only to fall on their knees, face to the ground and weep when He reveals more of Himself, when He reveals His own heart to them and that leads them to more?

For us to be brought into unity in the Spirit, and that is the only avenue for that to take place, we must each, always be in a state of humble surrender.

Lord, bring me to my knees.