Daily – January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

I got another day. I even spent some of it being grateful.

I didn’t get everything done that I needed to get done (because I LOVE spontaneous meetings!) I didn’t get the reading done that I wanted to get done… there’s still a chance there, though. I didn’t respond to all the emails, didn’t make all the phone calls and I didn’t check off all the boxes.

I started the day off right, though. I got to work early and found my little corner. I started the coffee pot and sat down at this little table we have. I turned off my phone (I know… it’s a work phone… YIKES! I hope they don’t read this…) I slowed my thoughts down. I opened myself up. Before I cracked a book or started a rushed prayer or found the right week, I stopped doing time my way and tried to find Him.

There He is. It took a little longer than usual, but still good for a Monday.

Together we moved through the liturgy for today. And then together we moved through the day.

Take time to find Him. The rest will fall into place. The alternative is not taking time to find Him and the rest will fall apart.