Daily – January 22, 2016


January 22, 2016



Here we are, the church, given another day from your hand and another breath from your Spirit.

Where we are empty, fill us. And where we think ourselves full, forgive us and show us that we need more of You.

Where we are broken, mend us. And where we think we are whole, forgive us and remind us of your Son, broken for us.

Where we are busy, breathe into our madness with peace and grace. And where we demand more and more of ourselves, forgive us and teach us to “Be still and know.”

Where we are idle, give us purpose and new life. And where we think ourselves bored, forgive us and ignite within us once again the passion of Your purpose.

Where we are silent but ought not be, give us words and the courage to use them. And where speak too much and too often, forgive us and teach us to listen to each other, to You and to each other again.

Where we are burned out, breathe into us once again. And where we are willing ourselves on in our own energy, forgive us and gently lead us back to dependence on You.

Where we are bitter, stir the waters of our souls. And where we refuse to be stirred, forgive us and show us that we are Your face and Your life in this world.

Lord, we need You. We need You to unite us in body and soul. We need you to bring flesh and spirit into oneness.

Be our shalom today, God.

We are the church. We are here. We need you.




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