Daily – January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016

I wrote today. I’m not going to share what I wrote here, though.

I had a dream the other night. One of those vivid ones that wakes you up and sticks with you for a few days. For me, the colors in these dreams are always brighter than real life. There are always impressions left by them, mysteries that I am meant to solve or questions I am left to pursue.

Today, I wrote that dream and it turned into more than I remember from the dream. Someday, it may be a story I share.

I researched and wrote materials for an upcoming event that I was asked to prepare. I’ll be honest, I love writing for these things, but I’m always nervous. I study. I have conversations. I ask for opinions of people whom I respect and I listen.

But I still wonder… I still doubt. What if I don’t say the right thing? What if I DO say the wrong thing? What if somebody really needed something and I miss the mark?

It takes a lot of prayer and a little confidence. If I get those backwards, I think I’m doomed to fail.

I can’t bear the burdens of the world on my shoulders, yet I try to sometimes. I can barely bear my own burdens and even then I tend to do it poorly. For me to succeed, for any of us to succeed, we must indeed work hard and put our best efforts forward. But we must also surrender to the Spirit all that we would try to control.

I’m told that he’s better at it than I am… I’m trying to learn that and lean into it more often.

May you and I both trust more tomorrow than we did today. May we work hard and love hard. May we live in tune with our Creator, in step with our Savior and in union with the Spirit.