Daily – February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016

I was packed up and ready to walk out the door for a retreat in Chicago on Sunday morning. The last remaining things to take care of were goodbye hugs, kisses and a prayer.

The kids were still in pajamas when I gathered one in each arm. I love hugs and the ones I got that morning were A+. Mom was still downstairs so as we all let go, I tried to guide the kids down the steps.

Before they took a step Andrew said, “I’m going to pray.”

Mom heard those words and came up. Emma snuggled in and we stood on the landing as a family and my son gave me a blessing for my trip.

There are times that I get nervous about the things my kids pick up from me. A bit of sarcasm here or there. Maybe I get too angry too quickly. Maybe impatience rises up too often. Parenting is no small, nor easy task. Each day they absorb more of those around them.   Each day they’re introduced to more and more of the world and it makes more and more of an impact on them. There are many forces and many voices in their lives and they’re not all positive.

I have some work to do in many areas, too. I have a lot to do in some. But on Sunday morning, I was reminded to the heart, that there are other things that have made a much deeper impact on my kids. I’m thankful for them and for those moments.

As a dad, I never want my kids to stop praying and I hope they never stop praying for us.