Daily – February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016


“To tell the truth in love means to tell it with concern not only for the truth that is being told but with concern for the people it is being told to.”

– Frederich Buechner, “Telling the Truth”


What is truth? What is love, if ultimately they don’t serve redemptively? If they don’t serve as a means of grace?

So often, things are classified as “the truth told in love” with no regard for growth, or redemption or the person hearing the words, but instead as a strategy for manipulated change. Grace is not manipulated change. That’s called conformity and it brings no transformation at all.

Grace speaks most loudly when it’s given the most space. Redemption is most full when it’s between the Holy Spirit and the receiver. Transformation truly begins when the person on the other end is truly loved.