Daily – February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016

I get to worship, share and serve with an incredible group of people for the next few days. These are dedicated people, builders and molders of good things in our church. They each have a heart for being disciples and making disciples, for developing leaders on many levels in our congregations. They work hard and they love hard.

We could use your prayers over these days. We are gathered together and eager.

It would be so easy to be eager for the wrong things. It would be so easy to be eager to hold our ground and not be challenged to go farther. It would be so easy to decide that we are content and not hunger for more. It would be so easy to look at past successes and settle for them, or at past failures and not learn from them. It would be so easy to talk without prayer, to do without being and to leave this place without ever actually arriving at the opportunities of these days.


Pray that we do not take the easy path.

Pray that we are challenged, that we are hungry, that we do not settle and that we learn. Pray that we pray. Pray that we strive to be Christ in this world, in our little corners and our little spheres. Pray that we arrive with open ears, minds, hearts and hands.

Pray that we are sustained and that those we minister to are sustained. Pray that we are found and that those we should be ministering to are found. Pray that we are healed and that we can be the agents of healing where we go.


Thank you for your prayers.