Big Plans: Part Two. Manna.

To live each and every day as if we have exactly what we need to get through that day…

To not store away for some future time because it’s important to recognize where our ‘right now’ comes from…

To believe in a bigger plan than we can see and be content to live within it…

To remain, not dependent upon, but in partnership with who we are AND whose we are,  where we are AND where we are going…

To live in faith.


Even though we have the stories right in front of us, we can’t do it.  We won’t do it.  We don’t want to do it.  It’s crazy, it’s illogical, it’s stupid.  It’s too risky.  It’s irresponsible.  It’s… bad.

It’s biblical.

And what’s even crazier is that we’re doing it right now.  I don’t mean “we” as the universal “we”, all of us together in some crazy corporate metaphor.  I mean “we”, as in my family.  My wife and my kids and I.  “We” are doing it right now.

About a year and a half ago, my wife gave her complete support when I told her I was thinking about leaving my full-time job to write.  She didn’t bat an eye.  She didn’t blink.  She thought about it, she looked at me and she said “ok”.

We knew it would be hard but we had no idea how hard it would be.

We knew we would be blessed but we had no idea how blessed we would be.

How easy would it have been to stick with our own plans?  To keep our dual incomes (our “bunk beds”), to be content with what was “working” for us, to remain safe and secure?

Who wants to wander around all day collecting crumbs when you could have a whole loaf?  Who wants to know constant hunger when you can be full anytime you want to?  Who wants to walk all day looking for the next bit of whatever when you can go to Outback and order a Bloomin’ Onion?

I do.  I’m not afraid of the bigger plan.  I want to wonder which words are the best ones to use and never settle until it’s just right.  I want to long for the next idea, the next project, the next word and letter and lesson.  I want to search for every blessing so that I don’t miss any of them.

I want to need each job that comes along and make sure the right words are written for it.  I want a partnership that reminds me daily, hourly, ALWAYS, that it is active and ongoing.  I don’t want to be full, ever again.

I know.  It’s preposterous.  And it works.



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  • Chris, I didn’t know that you were focusing on writing full time! What type of writing are you focusing on? It’s exciting to step out in faith and just trust God, isn’t it? Blessings as you trust God for provision.

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