a glimpse of God, pt 1.

Exodus 33, 34

While on Mount Sinai, Moses begs to see the Lord.   God responds to Moses “I will do what you say because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.”  Moses can’t simply observe God, though.  He can’t look Him in the eye or size Him up or shake His hand.  He’s God.

So God takes Moses and hides him behind a rock.  When God passes by, Moses sees His back.

The only glimpse of God that Moses gets is a fleeting one.  But it is such a powerful glimpse that when Moses comes back down the mountain his face is radiant.  He doesn’t know it, but everyone that sees Moses can tell that something incredible has taken place.

I think that we get the opportunity to see glimpses of God every day.  If you’re anything like me, you miss them more than you catch them.  This blog is a continuation of some writing that I’ve done for the past year and it’s my attempt to capture the stories of some of those glimpses in my own life.

I am grateful to those who have followed the previous writings and encouraged me to continue.  You can find them at http://boothyouth.com/articles, and I may decide to re-post them here at some point.

Ask to see God and then look for Him.  He will show up.  It may not be what, or how, or even who we expect, but He will show up.



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